Editorial Board


Peng Li
Zhengzhou University , China
Lipid metabolism and metabolic diseases
John R Speakman
University of Aberdeen , United Kingdom
Energy balance

Associate Editors

Tiffany Horng
ShanghaiTech University , China
Macrophage metabolism, function, and biology
Xun Huang
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS , China
Lipid metabolism
Xiaoying Li
Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University , China
Obesity, fatty liver diseases and type 2 diabetes

Editorial Board Members

Paolo Bernardi
University of Padova , Italy
Mitochondrial metabolism and diseases
Dongsheng Cai
Albert Einstein College of Medicine , United States
Neuroimmunology, neuroendocrinology and neural stem cell
David Carling
Imperial College London , United Kingdom
Regulation of energy metabolism
Quan Chen
Nankai University , China
Apoptosis signaling, mitochondrial biology
Shuai Chen
Nanjing University , China
Metabolic physiology and disease
Xiao-Wei Chen
Peking University , China
Glycolipid metabolism, the secretory pathway, insulin signaling
Christoffer Clemmensen
University of Copenhagen , Denmark
Neuroendocrine signals
Daniela Cota
University of Bordeaux , France
Neuronal regulation of metabolism
Zixin Deng
Shanghai Jiao Tong University , China
Microbial secondary metabolites
Meng-Qiu Dong
National Institute of Biological Sciences, CAS , China
Aging biology
Mark A Febbraio
Monash University , Australia
Metabolic diseases
Toyoshi Fujimoto
Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine , Japan
Nano-scale analysis of lipid-based structure
Henry N Ginsberg
Columbia University , United States
Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism
David Ginsburg
University of Michigan , United States
Genetic and molecular basis of blood clotting
Christopher K Glass
University of California San Diego , United States
Development and function of the macrophage
Douglas R Green
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital , United States
Central mechanisms of apoptosis in cancer and the immune system
Zhen Gu
Zhejiang University , China
Bioresponsive materials,formulations and devices; smart insulin delivery
Feifan Guo
Fudan University , China
The molecular mechanisms underlying nutritional-related metabolic diseases
Jing-Dong J Han
Peking University , China
Genetic networks and human diseases
Xianlin Han
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio , United States
Functional lipidomics
D Grahame Hardie
University of Dundee , United Kingdom
The LKB1−AMPK signaling cascade
Ping-Chih Ho
University of Lausanne , Switzerland
Zeping Hu
Tsinghua University , China
Mass spectrometry, metabolic analysis, disease metabolic mechanisms
David E James
University of Sydney , Australia
Bioinformatics and systems biology, exercise and metabolic diseases
Martin Jastroch
Stockholm University , Sweden
Mitochondrial metabolism, brown adipose tissue, thermogenesis
Weiping Jia
Shanghai Jiao Tong University , China
Diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism
Changtao Jiang
Peking University , China
Ceramide metabolism and intestinal microbe
Daniel P Kelly
University of Pennsylvania , United States
Energy metabolism and mitochondrial function in the developing and diseased heart
Jae Bum Kim
Seoul National University , South Korea
Mechanism of adipocyte differentiation, molecular mechanisms for obesity and diabetes
Martin Klingenspor
Technical University of Munich , Germany
Nutrition and energy balance
Xingxing Kong
Fudan University , China
Metabolism and crosstalk of fat and muscle
Ronald P Kühnlein
University of Graz , Australia
Lipid metabolism and lipolysis
Mitchell A Lazar
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine , United States
Diabetes, endocrinology, epigenomics, nuclear receptors, circadian rhythms
Chih-Hao Lee
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health , United States
Metabolic adaptation, mitochondrial bioenergetics in immune cells
Qun-Ying Lei
Fudan University , China
Metabolism and cancer
Jiandie D Lin
University of Michigan , United States
Metabolic crosstalk and metabolic disease
Sheng-Cai Lin
Xiamen University , China
Mechanisms and functions of nutrient/metabolite sensing
Xu Lin
Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, CAS , United States
Nutrition and metabolic diseases
Pingsheng Liu
Institute of Biophysics, CAS , China
Lipid droplet and energy homeostasis
Xingguo Liu
Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, CAS , China
Stem cell metabolism, mitochondrial diseases